Sunday, September 16, 2007

adsense getting started

Learn how to get started with Google AdSense. The following written and multimedia tutorials explain the basics of how to set up and activate your AdSense account.

  • Getting Started (Macromedia Flash required)

    Learn the AdSense basics! Includes signing in, customizing your ad code, setting up alternate ads, and using your Competitive Ad Filter. Once you've viewed the demo, take a couple minutes to complete our survey.

  • Quick Start

    A written guide explaining the basics for getting your account up and running quickly. Topics covered include signing into your account, generating your ad code, and tips for implementing your ad code.

  • Activation Demo (Macromedia Flash required)

    Learn how and where to paste the ad code and publish your ads to the web. Follow along using your own web editor or sign up for a free Blogger or Google Page Creator page to start displaying ads in minutes. After you view our demo, take our survey and let us know if it helped.

  • Help with Ad Code Demo (Macromedia Flash required)

    Guides you step-by-step through adding the ad code to your site, including how to use two common types of HTML editor to implement the code. Plus, learn how to troubleshoot basic ad code issues you may encounter. Once you've watched the demo, take our brief survey to let us know if it was helpful.

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