Monday, September 24, 2007

Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance:

Thousands of images and designs
Diverse content

Choose among over 23,000 high-quality images, nearly 600 professional designs and additional 50 Bitstream fonts
to create a nice-looking card quickly. A large collection of profession-oriented designs cover the most common
occupations. No matter what service you offer — you will find that special design you need.

Powerful image editing tools

Powerful image editing tools

A variety of editing tools let you create your own designs with ease. With
the help of these tools you can apply masks, fills, tiling, control transparency and shadows. Smart guides help to position elements
accurately and precisely. Switching between Background and Foreground modes
enables you to create and edit complicated designs.

Cutting-edge technologyCutting-edge technology

Business Card Composer employs the latest technologies. It integrates with Mac
OS X applications such as Address Book and iPhoto. The program is perfect for
making all kinds of badges — it automatically replaces images, takes data from
the text files and allows to numerate them. Using export to TIFF, JPEG and PDF, you can share your cards by
email, on the Internet, or print them in the print shop. And that's just the
top of the iceberg...

Advanced printingAdvanced printing

New printing technology, introduced in the application, allows choosing among 3
printing methods to find the one that better fits your needs. You can either print
cards for yourself, or print one design for several people, or even print multiple
designs on one sheet. Business Card Composer works with any inkjet or laser printer, also supports duplex printers for printing double-sided cards.
Card stock from Avery and other popular vendors is supported, as well as custom paper
layouts. Any customer can purchase additional (20 sheets in a pack) Avery business cards paper for $14 on our website.


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