Friday, September 14, 2007

Surabaya year round events

Reog Ponorogo

Performances where the dancers carry a very heavy, ornamented tiger head with peacock feathers. This dance depicts a fight between a tiger and two noblemen on horseback.

Kerapan Sapi (Bull Races), Madura
This is very popular sport and spectacle is held regularly at least twice a month at Bangkalan on the island of Madura, about half an hour by ferry from Surabaya. Bull racing is a great event in Madura especially the annual races for the islands championship which are usually held by the local administration after the harvest time in September and October. The finals are held at Pamekasan capital of the island, once a year. Special races can be organized, given three days advance notice.

Kuda Kepang (Bamboo Horse), Kediri
A dance performance originating from the town of Kediri. Male dances falling into a trance ride on bamboo horses, and eat grass flowers, rice husks and pieces of glass.

For further information, please contact the East Java Provincial Tourist Office, Jl. Wisata Menanggal, Phone : (62-31) 853-1814, 853-1820, Surabaya.

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