Saturday, October 27, 2007

advertising tips

Below are some tips to consider when you would like to use advertisements:

* Think outside the square - there are a variety of ways to get the attention of your audience by standard (eg press ad) and creative (eg spruiking in Rundle Mall) means.
* When considering your advertising options put yourself in the shoes of your audience. For example if you want to reach the attention of males 18 plus during June you could look at running ads on 5AA during the KG & Cornes segment and further support this by placing ads in the Sports section of Saturday's Advertiser.
* Forward planning is critical. To secure the best available spots on radio or in press, booking ahead is essential.
* Consider your return on investment - to effectively get your advertising message to your audience you may need to place a series of ads across a variety of media. Placing a solitary ad in the newspaper may not elicit a strong response.
* Keep your message simple and ensure your call to action is clear. What is the most important part you'd like your audience to read or hear and how would you like them to respond? This should form the basis of your ad/s in terms of content, look and feel.
* When you are about to embark on an advertising campaign, take note of ads that appeal to you or encourage people who are representative of your audience to provide you with feedback about the type of advertising they would find most effective ... the look and feel of an ad can be just as important as the message itself.

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