Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the product article

This is a one page document similar to a press announcement. Unlike other specific documentation (Business Plan, the Technical documentation etc.) you target with this article the public (people that could/should be some how interested in your product).

You should use a common and easy to understand language. This article will be published in the next CDTM magazine and has to have a clear and exact structure. We may also publish your article in other magazines/newspapers.

The article includes 4 main parts:

* The title: It has to be between 40-50 characters
* An abstract for your article: it has to be composed of 380- 400 characters
* The environment where you product is developed (state of the art, current situation, problems, available solutions) . This part has t includes between 820 - 850 characters.
* The solutions/ benefits/ differences that your product offers. (1330 - 1350 character)
* One Picture with title

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