Tuesday, August 26, 2008

top site ranking, how do i know

hi my friend...
if you have website and you was begin in your site, will to focus and get more with your site, can do you give something in your site, such as site ranking, and get to confident that your site is top ranking in the world.

you can add to your website, with copy and paste in the script, but first you must know and try to tips and tricks about site ranking, don't be sad if you have not 100 top rank.

this is still process and if you try and get more do your site, i belive, you have top rank.

here tutorial you begins in site rank

1. open url alexa.com

2. at tab bar menu click traffic ranking and write your site.

3. wait for moment. and you will get to describe all about your site.

and keep to try it, and you will know that your site

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