Friday, September 05, 2008

How to keyword paying

Pay-per-click advertising is extremely popular. Businesses place a bid on keywords; the higher the bid, the closer to the top of the results screen the ad will appear in a search engine. Determining keywords to use in your PPC campaign is much like determining the keywords and key phrases for your Web site. Keyword research is critical.

Things You’ll Need:

* Web browser
* Internet connection
* Access to Wordtracker or Overture for keyword research
* Product or site to promote

Step1 Analyze your content and customers to determine the best keywords for your campaign.
Step2 Use Wordtracker, Yahoo! Search Marketing or a similar service to determine and choose keywords that are popular and effective.
Step3 Design a PPC ad that uses the keyword in both the title and the body of the advertisement.
Step4 Verify that your ad links the visitor to a relevant, keyword-rich landing site which describes your product.
Step5 Determine the highest price you are willing to pay for each click based on the keywords, and then place your ad.

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