Thursday, September 20, 2007

doing business in indonesia

The intricacies of doing business in Indonesia will
present a mystery to newcomers. Rest assured that there are many “seasoned
veterans” that can assist you in your transition to your new job
in Indonesia or assist you in making your business venture in Indonesia
a success.

Legal Matters in Indonesia
- "If people do not have access to the law, they cannot know
their rights. If people do not know their rights, they cannot demand the
enforcement of their rights. If people are not empowered to demand the
enforcement of their rights, they will be exploited and abused by those
with access to power over the law." Learn more in this article and
the Ask Andrew

Business Opportunties - learn
more about opportunities for investment in Indonesia

Aceh Restructuring
and Support Initiatives

All It Takes Is One Bad
Apple: The Value of Pre-employment Screening and Due Diligence

Risk Management -
mitigating the risks of doing business in Indonesia

Expatriate Business Associations Join
an expatriate business association and get involved! A sure way to keep
in touch with what is going on in the business world around you.

Business Consulting Services Firms providing
consulting services to multinationals ... all the help you need to build
your business in Indonesia!

Business Information Information is a precious
commodity. Good business information and advice can make the difference
in the success of a company's endeavors in Indonesia.

Private Business Clubs Ummm ... enjoy
the pleasures and privileges of one of the prestigious private business
or social clubs in Jakarta. Network and meet others.

Foreign Investment and Company
Are you considering starting a business in Indonesia?
Find out a bit about what is involved.

Corporate Taxation An introduction
to the broad framework of the Indonesian corporate taxation system

Cross Cultural Training for Expatriates
Learn more about the challenges of working in a cross cultural environment.
Practical information and true life solutions from experts in the field!

Sourcing Indonesian
Indonesia has diverse manufacturing industries from traditional
handicrafts to high tech goods. Learn more about some of the companies
that are exporting their products oversees.

Social Accountability What
is your corporate reputation worth to you? Find out how the SA8000 audits
can ensure that your corporate reputation is maintained and that your
company's business functions in a lawful, humane, safe and ethical environment
with respect to local and international laws and conventions are sound
business investments.

Serviced Offices A viable option
for new offices - hit the ground running with a fully equipped office
from day one.

Other Sites on Doing Business
in Indonesia
Some internet-based resources for businesses.

Job seekers - Looking for a job in Indonesia
Practical advice to expats who are looking for work in Indonesia.

Employing Expatriates
 Information on Manpower Regulations and visas processes necessary
to employ expats.

Finding a Job through a Jakarta
Veteran Executive Search professional shares tips on
headhunters in Jakarta

Executive Search Consultants
in Singapore and Hong Kong
Contact information for major executive
search firms in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Expatriate Compensation Packages A discussion
list of possible components to be used in discussions with a potential

Indonesian Job Links If you
are interested in working in Indonesia, here are some job links to help
you begin your search.

Expat Forum
- post your interest and availability and check out the job listings.

Please let us know what information
you'd like to see on doing business in Indonesia and we'll put it on our
list for future development.

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