Thursday, September 20, 2007

the indonesia business online

This is a list of Websites related to Business and Indonesia.
The list is sorted based on names.

Liem Group USA

Indonesian Companies on the Web

The following is a partial list of Indonesian companies
(or companies owned by Indonesian) on the Web.

  1. AdWork!
  2. Airland Systems:
    Courier Service, serving the Bay area.

  3. Airland.Com: Website and
    Internet consulting.
  4. Antara: Lembaga Berita Nasional

  5. PT. Arkindo Danantara
    : Export, import, general trading.
  6. Batavianet: Information technology,
    web design, and networking.

  7. PT. Boma Bisma Indra

  8. PT Tambang Batubara
    Bukit Asam

  9. Cahaya Tunggal Sentosa
    : children and babies wear.
  10. Canada Overdrive On-Line
    an ISP and Web provider (hosting, design, virtual domain, etc.)

  11. PT. Chempex Jaya
    : trading house

  12. Dairy Home Made Ice Cream

  13. PT Data Consult: consulting firm
    serving national and international companies.

  14. Duta Angganda Realty

  15. EmpireWeb:
    Multimedia World Wide Web Presence

  16. Guest House
  17. PT Hamita Antarnusa
  18. Hasana Web
  19. Indonesia Website Services
  20. Indovision
  21. InMac

  22. PT Insan Komunikasi:
    Telecommunications, Internet, UNIX, VLSI, and software engineering.
  23. IRFA Media:
    Promoting Indonesian business using the internet as media
    and creates multimedia as your information system.
  24. PT Istidata - Hewlett-Packard Authorised Dealer
  25. IZAD web presence provider
  26. Jakarta Indonesian Cuisine

    (the first Indonesian restaurant on the Internet).

  27. PT Kurnia Naga Baru
    spare-parts otomotif.

  28. Mulia group
    glass tableware manufacturer, property, land acquisition,
    development and marketing,
    ownership, management and maintenance of completed buildings.
  29. PT. PanAsia Heavindo:
    Engineering and Heavy Industries.
  30. Pro Mail

  31. The PRUDENTIAL California Realty (LIEM GROUP [USA])
  32. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (BUMN)
  33. PT PLN
  34. PriceSmart Indonesia:
    cash and carry shopping.

  35. Raden Kuring Restaurant

  36. Radio Klasik TOP FM
  37. PT
    Rekakarya Mardi Sarana

    MICE (Meeting Incentive, Convention & Exhibition) Organizer Company.

  39. Ria Flora

  40. PT. Sarana Putra Makmur
    : Info technology, Software, Hardware.
  41. Sigma Batara
  42. PT SKILL:
    Network Integrator & Internet Specialist; router, hub, internet software.
  43. Squalencia Perdana:
    Squalene and Squalene-based products.
  44. Titipan Kilat

  45. PT Witra Interior
    , Semarang. Furniture export.

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