Sunday, August 24, 2008

domain hosting free

here is link for domain hosting free, you can take and try it

Below is a list of free domain name hosting service sites (links to the reviews page for each) where you can host domain names free, and in some cases a single free hosting company will provide multiple domain hosting free (host multiple domain names from a single freehosting account, or allow multiple free web hosting accounts per person). In most cases you will need to already own and have the top-level domain name registered (or buy domain registration from them), but there are a few websites where you can get free domain names if you don't already have one." The alternatives to using a free domain host would be to use free subdomain hosting (using a subdirectory or a subdomain of the free web host), or buy cheap domain hosting (aka "budget domain name hosting"). While a free domain web hosting server may not be considered reliable enough to host a high-traffic website, having free domain name web hosting service (and especially having multiple domain web hosting free) is quite useful for beginning webmasters or SEO on a budget (it is recommended to have each of your web sites hosted on a separate IP address, which usually means using a different web hosting company for each domainname hosted free).

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